What is Single Travel Insurance?

Single Trip cover is a travel insurance policy for a one-off holiday. If you go away twice or more every year, it could work out cheaper to buy Annual Travel Insurance compared to buying two single trip policies. But if you travel on holiday just once a year, Single Trip Insurance could be better value.

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Single Trip
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Single Trip Travel Insurance?
What isn’t covered?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Single Trip Travel?


  • Price:

    If you are only going on ONE holiday a year, then a single trip policy is the most cost-effective choice for your needs.

  • Cover for the entirety of the trip:

    You can arrange for insurance coverage for solely the exact number of days of your trip, thus minimising spend on unnecessary days.

  • Higher or no age limits:

    Many insurers will not provide Annual Travel Insurance for those 75 and above in age – making Single Trip coverage the only option available.

  • Cover for trip begins when purchased:

    Decreases unintentional spending in the event of a trip cancellation.

  • Tailored for trip itinerary:

    Annual Travel Insurance might limit the locations of travel covered, so Single Trip Policies give you a wider range of destinations covered.


  • Price:

    If you go on MORE THAN ONE holiday a year, it may be more expensive overall to purchase multiple individual Single Trip Policies.

  • Effort:

    If you go on more than one holiday a year, it will require more time and effort to manually purchase multiple Single Trip Policies rather than one Annual Travel Insurance plan.

  • Potential risk:

    As insurers require a Single Trip Policy to be purchased 3-days prior to when your trip begins, any cancellations of said trip cannot occur within those three days, thus decreasing your travel flexibility.

  • Hassle if stay is extended:

    As Single Trip cover is based on fixed dates, any unforeseen extensions will not be covered, or require you to take out a new policy.

What is not covered in Single Trip Travel Insurance?

You should always read the policy carefully before buying to make sure it covers your needs, as insurance providers will have a list of exclusions – things they won’t pay out for if you make a claim. These may include:

  • Treatment if you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Any sports that are played in a professional capacity or in competition.
  • Extreme sports such as big wave surfing, cliff jumping, horse jumping, potholing, ultra-marathons, biathlons, triathlons and stunt riding.
  • Strikes that were public knowledge when you bought your insurance.
  • Claims arising from travel to a place where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has advised against travel, prior to your trip.
  • Claims resulting from drug or alcohol consumption.

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