Referral Programme

Refer and be Rewarded

Connect us to the insurance-curious. Whether you're an influencer, content producer or a friend in life insurance or a car dealership, anyone can now direct potential leads to us.

As one of the most competitive referral programmes in Singapore, our referral partners stand to benefit the most. Our portal is also hassle-free, just like everything we do at eazy. We've automated it so with just few clicks and fills, you're onboarded in no time at all!

Who can apply?

Anyone, literally anyone, who knows people in need of: Motor, Health, Travel, Corporate, or Employee Benefits Insurance.

This means friends, business clients and partners, fans, and content audiences. If you're well-connected, or just interested in getting good deals for your buddies, then the eazy referral programme is for you!

Signing up as a referral partner means that we keep your referred clients on file and remunerate you whenever they successfully sign a policy with us.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up as a referral partner via our automated portal

  2. Link us to someone looking to buy general insurance

  3. You get rewarded when a policy is successfully purchased from us

  4. Rinse and repeat if you have more referrals

Speak with us today!

Referring clients in your own personal capacity, with fees for successful referrals will be paid directly to your personal bank account.
However, this excludes your own personal insurance policies.

Referring clients in the Company's capacity, with fees for successful referrals will be paid directly to the Company's bank account.
Referral Partners (Employee/Salesperson) can be added or deleted anytime for Corporate accounts only.
However, this excludes your Company's insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Referral Programme

  • You will receive an email confirmation from, together with your signed agreement within 1 business day.
  • Online request submission is possible for Motor and Annual Travel insurance.
  • You can refer by providing us with the customer’s contact details, or by sending an introductory email connecting us with the customer. eazy will then handle the insurance advisory process.

    You may opt to be copied in the correspondences.
  • After the referred customer has settled his/her premium, you will receive payment by the end of the following month via bank transfer. A payment advice and summary will be emailed to you a few days before the scheduled payment.
  • The Insurance act clearly outlines that the advisory of the insurance quotations and proposals to customers must be conducted by registered insurance brokers who presents the quotation.

    However, you may opt to be copied in the correspondences.
  • eazy will handle the full life cycle of the insurance, from placement of risk, claims processing, and renewals. We liaise with the customer directly on these matters.

    You may opt to be copied in the correspondences.
  • eazy has specialized departments for different products. You may contact the specific departments using the contact information provided:

  • It is recommended for you to directly contact the respective departments for different classes of insurance. They are the subject-matter experts who can better address your concerns in a timely manner. We try to avoid single contact points as it may potentially result in delays.