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Frequently Asked Questions

About Insurance Broker In Singapore

  • An insurance broker helps consumers find the right insurance policies. Insurance companies often use complex language in their policies, which makes it difficult for the average person to understand what they can and cannot claim. Their job is to simplify that language and assist their clients in choosing customised insurance plans that meet their personal needs.
  • Insurance brokers and agents can both assist you in finding an insurance policy. However, the main difference is that agents represent the insurance provider’s interests, while an insurance broker represents the customer’s interests. Insurance agents look only to sell policies from a single provider, while insurance brokers help customers shop for policies from different providers.
  • An insurance aggregator is a digital platform that allows consumers to compare and purchase insurance policies from multiple insurance companies in one place. These platforms offer a range of insurance products, including travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and more, from various insurance providers.

    Insurance aggregators make it easy for consumers to compare policies and prices from multiple providers, helping them to find the policy that best meets their needs and budget.

    eazy’s proprietary platform not only serves as an employee benefits aggregator for companies looking to purchase group health insurance plans — but we will also roll out more features and functions soon to make policy comparisons hassle-free for all.

  • You can’t purchase insurance directly from a broker, but engaging with one helps you find an affordable policy that meets your needs.
  • A customer portal is a system that allows customers to view information on insurance policies they’ve purchased.
  • All companies and business owners must offer compulsory employee benefits to Singapore citizens, such as CPF, annual leave, maternity/paternity pay, childcare, and sick leave. If you want to offer insurance, it’s best to consult a broker to find the right employee benefits or Group Health Plan.