Our Story

Our Story

We make the process of buying insurance ridiculously eazy for our customers.

When we say we put our customers first, we mean it. We’re brokers; we represent our customers’ best interests.

We don’t use complex financial jargon and we don’t make it difficult for customers to choose by giving them a multitude of solutions to consider. We believe in understanding our customers first; their lifestyles and priorities, before offering them clear and appropriate solutions at the most competitive prices.

Not only can we offer special rates, but we’ve got the tech and customer service team to back it up. eazy exclusives means we offer products and benefits that are available only to our customers.

Skip the hassle. Take it eazy.

Our Proposition


The financial world is complicated enough. From communication to underwriting, we believe in keeping it as simple as possible in everything we do. That premise allows our clients to understand the products presented to them and lets them to make informed purchase decisions based on their own needs.


No one likes unexpected surprises. We educate our clients about the underlying clauses and the fine print behind contracts. Building trust with our clients, being transparent about the benefits and realities of the products available allows us to build a reputation of being a partner for life.


Everyone deserves the freedom of choice. We are committed to providing a wide range of solutions to answer our client’s complex needs that best match their financial goals and budgets.

Our tech?

Smart and intuitive.

Our prices?


Our service?


eazy Pte Ltd is an insurance broker registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.