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Management Trainee

Department: Management

Business Development Executive, Health

Department: Health

Administrative Assistant

Department: Motor

Finance Executive

Department: Finance

If you work with us:

eazy offers excellent career progression in both insurance and its specialities of marketing, IT, programming, finance, customer service and HR. We encourage our employees to not just be the best at what they do but also to strive for more, and to pursue their own passions. At eazy, we create an environment that is nurturing, and supportive as we want you to develop and grow as colleagues and as individuals. Here, your professional and personal goals are only restricted by your own ambitions.

We don’t bog ourselves down in red tape and hierarchies. eazy is about teamwork, collaboration, and flexibility.

eazy is an equal opportunity employer and believes strongly in the diversity of our people. Research has proven that inclusive groups tend to yield better results over those that do not.


Office culture:

Our company policy is to make for eazy work. “A happy employee is a productive employee,” is one of our CEO’s favourite sayings. There’s no better way to boost company morale than to be responsible teammates, keep up with social trends and create an all-inclusive environment, where everyone can work together.

Sometimes we go to gym together, sometimes we go to Sentosa – it’s cliché to say we’re a family, but we’re certainly eazygoing. eazy isn’t a huge team, but we definitely have learnt to enjoy like one. The welfare and happiness of our people is paramount. If our goal is to disrupt a stagnant industry, we have to do it from all sides – we aim to be a market leader SME in granting job satisfaction to our employees.

Work / Life Balance:

We want to make life at eazy exactly that: life.

eazy isn’t a hive for drones - we’re movers and shakers; thinkers and doers. Some of us are parents, so we want to integrate work and life – in a good way. We recognise it’s hard changing corporate mindsets, especially in an industry as traditional as ours, but we see space to innovate. Remote working and work-from-home and being flexible in how we produce our results is key in enacting our company values.

Espousing “work-life balance” means nothing if we can’t also make sense of what life needs: purpose, belonging, co-working…

no, cohabitation.


eazy means you take leave for holidays, not use a day of leave to spend time with your family.