Authorised Workshop vs Any Workshop

What is an authorised workshop? 

An authorised workshop is a service centre or workshop approved and appointed by the insurance company to carry out repairs and maintenance on your vehicle for an insurance claim. 

How much do I save by choosing authorised workshop plan over any workshop plan?

Authorised workshop plans are generally 20% cheaper than any workshop plans. Insurers have more control over the repair costs charge, leading to reduced repair costs.

These cheaper repairs then translate into lower claims. This means that on renewal, your insurance premium loading is less after an accident as compared to if you had done the repairs at non-authorised workshops.

Who should purchase any workshop plan? 

Opt for any workshop plans if you own a unique or luxury car model that requires very specialised expertise for repairs, or if you have a preferred regular mechanic for your car repairs. 

Will my warranty be void if I do not go back to my dealer workshop for repairs? 

The Competition Commission of Singapore (“CCS”) has obtained the cooperation of more than 90% of the Authorised distributorship of car brands and announced the removal of warranty restrictions for cars to be repaired exclusively at the respective dealers’ authorised workshops. This means you won't void your warranty by opting for a non-dealer workshop for repairs.

How are authorised workshop selected by insurers?

Insurers select authorised workshops based on high standards, evaluating factors such as workmanship, service quality, technical expertise, and equipment. This ensures that these workshops can provide prompt and reliable services to customers.

Are there guarantee for parts for repairs done at authorised workshops?

Repairs conducted at insurer-authorised workshops usually come with a guarantee, either lifetime, or 12 months. This guarantee applies to all affected/changed parts related to the accident repair.

Authorised workshop versus any workshop – which plan to choose?

While an authorised workshop is ideal for budget-conscious car owners who are looking to save on insurance costs and do not plan to repair their cars regularly, a dealer car workshop may be more suitable for luxury car owners with unique needs.


Authorised Workshops

Any Workshops

Type of Car Make/Model

Most car models

High-end and unique models

Where to repair

Insurer designated workshops

No limit on workshops

Insurance Premium

Cheaper by 20%

Pay a premium

Guarantee of Spare Parts

Lifetime or 12 months

Varies based on insurer

List of insurer authorised workshops:


AllianzEQGreat EasternIncomeSompo
Allied WorldERGOHL AssuranceLibertyTokio Marine
China TaipingEtiqaHSBC LifeMSIGUOI


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