What is Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual Travel Insurance (also known as Multi-Trip Travel Insurance) is an insurance policy that provides cover for those who travel regularly and often.

Annual Travel Insurance cuts the hassle and works out to be overall cheaper than taking out travel insurance policies on each trip, as you submit and pay once for 12 months’ worth of coverage.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Annual Travel Insurance?
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What isn’t covered?

What does Travel Insurance cover?

Annual travel cover could be a good choice for anyone who makes two or more trips in a 12-month span. For those taking a one-off holiday, single trip cover might be better.

Benefits of an annual policy include:

  • Ease

    This provides for one less thing to worry about as you can travel at a moment’s notice without having to do the administration of purchasing Travel Insurance.

  • Affordability

    If you aware in advance of having to take several trips a year, it can be cheaper than paying for multiple single trips.

  • Suitability

    With several types of annual multi-trip policy targeting different regions of the world, you only need pay for insurance for the areas you know you’ll be visiting.

  • Flexibility

    Insurance providers offer a range of cover options, so you can choose between a typical policy and one with much higher limits for pay-outs.

That means if you travel once a year, a single-trip policy could be cost-efficient. However, if you travel two or more times a year, you’ll probably find that the best way to save money is by signing up for an annual multi-trip policy.

What is not covered in Annual Travel Insurance?

Every insurance policy has a list of exclusions that an insurance provider will not pay out claims for. You should always read the policy documents carefully before buying them to ensure your personal needs are covered. Exclusions may include:

  • Medical treatment for pre-existing conditions.
  • Any sports that are played in a professional capacity or in competition.
  • Extreme sports such as big wave surfing, cliff jumping, horse jumping, potholing, ultra-marathons, biathlons, triathlons and stunt riding.
  • Strikes that were public knowledge when you bought your insurance.
  • Claims arising from travel to a place where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has advised against travel, prior to your trip.
  • Claims resulting from drug or alcohol consumption.

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