Released date: 27 July 2018

eazy CEO Douglas Chia's Interview on Money FM 89.3

CEO Douglas Chia has transformed eazy, a traditional family-owned business into a tech driven player in Singapore’s competitive insurance sector. He describes how he turned a two-man band to a 40 person strong company in just three years.

Douglas transitioned from the banking industry to the insurance sector, with an intent to make a significant impact.

eazy places a strong emphasis on offering improved and holistic services, addressing a significant gap in the general insurance industry. The company simplifies and makes insurance accessible to their customers by eliminating the need to approach multiple providers and agents for various products.

Instead, eazy assesses each customer's needs and offers comprehensive insurance bundles at a single price, reducing confusion and conflicting information typically encountered when dealing with various insurance agents.

eazy also embraced digitalization, which has allowed them to enhance customer outreach and provide more effective advice.

In addition, the company has established strategic partnerships with sports car and high-end car dealers, channeling sales towards eazy due to the high demand for their exceptional services.

In the coming years, eazy remains ambitious and committed to focusing on service excellence, ensuring they can meet all customer needs effectively.

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Updated date: 03 January 2024